Basically frost invasion in Tower Defense Simulator -

Basically frost invasion in Tower Defense Simulator

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  1. (Frost event: pyro we need you) (solar eilpse event pyro we dont need you)

  2. i’ve actually never seen a crying angel in game

  3. Please make an if freezer got ice punch ability it does freeze then freezer punches and then the enemy shatters into pieces

  4. lol mystery summon frost spirit but then it dies in 1 hit

  5. The fact that this event is the easiest one in history

  6. Electroshockers,toxic gunner, sledger,Mili base = best slowing tower

  7. I just need accel in front inv and I would have won sled 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  8. Me and my brother did this like 2 times then we won

  9. Frost invasion? More like forest invasion

  10. Minigunner: can I kill you
    Mystery: please
    Minigunner: wait what
    Minigunner: how do I unkill you
    Mystery: that's the neat part, you don't

  11. Ranger: hey looks it's free money
    Frost ravanger: shut up i am supposed to be hard

  12. Solar eclips night 4 is strong4t than frost spirit

  13. I love ur video 😻😻😻😻😻

  14. I miss Frost Invasion Event…. that's when I started playing tds

  15. Come to the o f it frost spirit could jump into mystery ice and when it break they noticed they mess up

  16. Frost invasion has more space for enemy’s then any event

  17. thats nit true that the frost spirit can come out of a mystery but what happens if it actually did?

  18. Wait this is sus ledger is in the Round but they didn’t get him cuz it makes no sense if they play it again

  19. Bro i din't even beat Frost invasión event

  20. That last one was true until toxic gunner got a big fix/ nerf is what they like to call it

  21. fun fact: this is the event that made pyro a little bit more useful

  22. Ngl I beat this event first try it was so easy lol

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