Basic to GODLY in Roblox Toilet Tower Defense… -

Basic to GODLY in Roblox Toilet Tower Defense…

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In this video I see how long it takes to get a godly in roblox toilet tower defense as a f2p. (Episode 70 part 1 update toilet tower defense)
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  1. Nah bro spent a hole 3 hours and 24 minitues


  3. Give me pls units anyone pls in post office. Nickname: HorRoblNaz

  4. Brp you srca for you offer for lagre FREWORK you what man you add no no no no no FOR YOU OFFER FOR LAGRE FREEWORK ADD

  5. it took me months to get that and he makes it look like a walk in the park

  6. Bruh did i really overpayed all my inv that had LLC alot of legendaries,some exclusives and some santas for one titan present man

  7. man u are just a legend bc comunity is soo shity

  8. Bro utc for sinister cam is W trade,i think u dont know values

  9. Ain't no way U was tryna trade sin TV for lfc
    LFC is worth alottt moree

  10. Aquilo nao é espanhol cara você nao foi pra escola pra saber as línguas porque eu acho que você nao foi

  11. 12:50 Land was me why u give me no time to even my units in 😭

  12. hey could i please have anything for free?

  13. me getting titan clock man after 1 year 💀

  14. Bro i see people keep trolling u in this video

  15. I hate when thwy just decline while were still adding

  16. Bro why did you say add when that guy at 41:23 offered a lfc, with LFC u can easily get old Godly plus adds.

  17. หวังสูงจัดช่องนี้

  18. Hi guys today I just play ttd but i have 3 saw utc and he put saw he say he wants use and I decline and he say me scammer:(


  20. I traded a green aser and 3 mythicals and 36 legs fro godly is that a w or an l

  21. bro literally got an old godly for free💀

  22. Pls mythic PLS, my nickname :TOILETTOWERDEFENS001

  23. Pls mythic PLS, my nickname :TOILETTOWERDEFENS001

  24. Pls mythic PLS, my nickname :TOILETTOWERDEFENS001

  25. 0:37 fatherlesss guy he could've said nty but hell no instead he will be the irl skull emoji if he saw this.
    And its sad to see many kids get mad over people thats bad at a game on pixels declining when accept not lf an big deal if people think the trade bad theyll decline it if they realize but on purpose is sad.

  26. Вообще-то даже за одного мифа два выгодно потому что это два мифа кажется Титан круче но два мифа дороже

  27. finally. I found a video about basic to godly without signing

  28. I feel so bad for the guy who was trading the mace for a utc or a utc myithic ❤❤❤

  29. No fair partners get that in like 5 mins and i get it from like 2 months

  30. 5K subs for old godly giveawaySUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS

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