ASRIEL Undertale Tower Defense UPDATE -

ASRIEL Undertale Tower Defense UPDATE

Flaming Hat
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Chat Rules!
1. Please do not ask me to play games unless I ask for suggestions.
2. I will not be accepting friend requests.
3. Try to not be too aggressive to other chat members.

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Waiting Screen: black and white monster



  1. Wait isn't undertale music not copyrighted

  2. Amazing stream.(Btw Flaming you need to go into a private server in titles to morph, also I'm determination again).

  3. i have pacifist title but can't beat asriel (i don't ask for help)

  4. Btw you only need one player with pasfist title to fight asirel

  5. i gaved up trying to play this game.
    i hate resets because i lost EVERYTHING I HAVE.
    and that make my urge to play lower.
    by like 99%
    and the 1% just quit.

  6. Funny how I got reaper bird second try in true lab with 5% box chance-

  7. Alright can someone name all the towers needed to craft him in replies please?

  8. Bruh stop being so rude to bravery and patience. What if DETERMINATION gets nerfed huh? HOW WOULD THAT FEEL?

  9. ur videos is really easome and soo useful i beat snowdin duo cuz you thx so much

  10. As a patience user I can say I am deeply offended as I have done nothing.

  11. Flaming: says that bravery and patience is bad.
    Patience and bravery: littelary has more things to beat matches easier-

  12. I'm about to fall asleep with the video continuing to play.

  13. Wdym kindness is also good for people who have omega and you have alot and they dont when you can donate and THE HEAL, so take something back but I also agree with the other people who don’t have determination plus Flaming hat I also agree with the dev AND I WANT A DEMAND TO SPEAK TO THE DEV HERE, AND LOWER THE MONSTER KEEP RESET UPGRADE

  14. How to to solo asriei …..

    Get reaper…

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