Arena : Tower Defense Winter event win! -

Arena : Tower Defense Winter event win!

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epic win
also cool 3.5 shard+skin
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  1. Was it a new one for me and support to a nice 🙂☺️ to the chance to look into it 🙂😊🙂 to be a nice weekend 🙂to the 8 of Gofy of rain ☔⛱️ to the chance of a few years now the same will become part 〽️〽️ the chance to look for the rescue weeks to use each la will take web page is parked and the 8 the 8 to the same the nice 🙂☺️ of Gofy the GJ of rain ☔ is just ху от

  2. Ты очень man ♂️♂️♂️♂️

  3. Haha i won cause my teammates spam arthillerists and i just bring in nekoro…..while the other brought beacon and John Roblox skin of Mayla.

  4. I beat it at my 2nd try (this event is kinda easy)

  5. So just spam gunner and that's all with a little alien and gaurdian ?

  6. How did you not see my Easter egg 😅 Hint, where to placed the mayla’s!

  7. If you need help friend me my username tranvanliet

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