Ancient Tower Defense - Spanish | Age of Empires 2 HD Custom Scenario -

Ancient Tower Defense – Spanish | Age of Empires 2 HD Custom Scenario

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One of the oldest and most famous custom multiplayer scenarios on AoE2, Ancient TD. I play as the Spanish on this HD version.


  1. Finally, a game where you didn't do shit immediately!

  2. Nice, hope you upload more tower defense vids! Pretty good run tho, to be your first time playing the map

  3. In case you didn't notice, you forgot about a quarter of the second row of towers on the upper side (see 43:48).

  4. Just a suggestion. Villagers build the fastest if they are building alone. So if you want to build 4 towers with 4 villagers, build one by each one, it's way faster than when they build the same one.

  5. can someone give a link to a play which was won? everytime the game ends at this point where this current did too

  6. you didnt put towers in second row of your left side set the whole game. it drove me crazy. god damn dude, pay attention

  7. here is the problem
    1000, gold every 2 minutes for 6 kings
    a King is 2500 gold so you need to recover 6X2500 = 15,000 gold before that pays for itself.
    so it took 30 minutes in game before that was even worth, in the mean time you're spain so you should be spamming so many trade carts that its just a yellow blob between your trade posts

  8. The AP triggers don't stack with themselves, but they do stack with the other ones. You can get +1 AP every 5 seconds and +5 AP every 30 seconds to gain a cumulative effect.

  9. Always thought that the first ting to do on this map, was to get alle the relics and the 2 monks -have 2 workers on each side for towers and the rest on gold, stone and wood(2 on wood) and then get the 2 Super towers and then the 1 AP pr 5 sek

  10. I don't play on steam. Where can I find and download this "Japanese" version of the map?

  11. where can i dll this map? ( i have steam version )

  12. so slowwww you shouldve been byuilding trade carts straight away, had those villagers in the building area who are just standing around waiting sent to the resource area.

  13. Cool gameplay 😉 mby you notice that you forgot to purchase cursed towers? Not sure with name… its next to castle and imp age…
    Its cool tower for 1 king (2 for both sides) with 1000 damage

  14. lol man, dont think tower defense is your thing tbh…. Forgot so many left spaces for towers

  15. There is many td maps .. and this one is so easy there is so many options! Got guts? Try out td 1 king and dark age

  16. The trebuchets are used to act like a morter

  17. Ok why don't you learn the game before you record it and even put it on youtube? You have no clue of what you are doing buddy lol.

  18. he forgot to build second row fully and the 5 row

  19. Every few years I come back to this video, to me it is the essence of old school Age of Empires 2 mixed in with my personal nostalgia playing Castle Blood scenarios for hours, the seriousness of a good game mixed with the insanity of tower defense. I'm so happy this video exists.

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