Ancient Planet Tower Defense - Gameplay (PC/UHD) -

Ancient Planet Tower Defense – Gameplay (PC/UHD)

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About Ancient Planet Tower Defense
Ancient Planet is classic tower defense game. The stronghold of an ancient civilization has been invaded by hordes of alien raiders. Use powerful technologies of the Ancient and repel the attack of the enemy’s armies!

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  1. Thank you for video! I was asking myself – is it a good tower defense game that is worth playing? There are many positives like the instant gameplay without long learning, system of upgrades, wide variety of defense structures and enemies, balanced economic model, optional level of difficulty, user friendly interface and controls and nice graphics. The negatives are – non-existing story, system of luck affecting the game difficulty, inability to build structures while pausing the game, the absence of dubbing and the creeping stereotype as there are not so many inventive ideas. I can recommend it for family playing as there are not any violent scenes and the game does not take itself seriously at all. Ancient Planet Tower Defense is definitely not a bad game but it could be even better if authors did not rely on a system of luck and think up other mechanics that would make the game more variable and bring an element of surprise to it. But I can say that despite its flaws I have enjoyed playing this game.

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