All Sus Tower Defense -

All Sus Tower Defense

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Sheeesh 2 hours did


  1. I got scammed yesterday

  2. The all star mod just give him the scammer role and not refund unit 🙁

  3. Your finally back, I been waiting for a new video :>

    anyways can you make Gol D Roger please

  4. อยากให้แอดต้า6ดาวมามากๆ

  5. when the next chapter of one piece manga comes out you should do luffy with his awakened devil fruit also maybe a baki unit? and another code geass unit like rolo the guy who stops time. loving the vids

  6. who the white japanese head band pls tell me the name

  7. Just some anime addict who can tell u everything says:

    Naw bro the drip…the texture…the effort. Put into some of these just blow my mind

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