All star tower defense spin #3 -

All star tower defense spin #3

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  1. I got it when i first loged after 1 year

  2. I almost got the 0,5% chance and got capsule,i use it and i got epic rarity

  3. Lmao snow cap have more value than laxus now

  4. Dude this happened to me I got mad and out of the capsule I got ice jaw and I was like fine after that

  5. Nice!

    I hope whoever reads this has a happy life.

  6. Trading max madara for 5 dios or 4/5 mihawk.

  7. Plot twist he gets toshiro from the capsule

  8. U r so lucky dude i always get exp or gold or gems

  9. I’ve gotten two nappas from the daily capsules

  10. One time I got the secret one and it was 6 star shield master

  11. Can someone give me some units, im new to all star

  12. ….. He got snow capsule bc he was blessed with luck by god ussop at the end u can see

  13. Wait what I got egg capsule from that-

  14. Rip Daily Spin 😔
    i got shield master from this daily spin

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