All Star Tower Defense Gauntlet Solo! (7K Seconds No 7 Star! Only 6 Star!) -

All Star Tower Defense Gauntlet Solo! (7K Seconds No 7 Star! Only 6 Star!)

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  1. why is your upgrade gui higher than 2x/3x speed gui? mine overlaps is there a way to change it

  2. hey I only have 2 7 stars and i wanted to know if kid boo 7 stars work instead of gojo 6 stars

  3. I made 11k with this strategy tyms!(replace gojo with buu 7 star)

  4. can princess appala be a replacement for rimuru?

  5. Any chance i can replace The orb on gojo with blueye orb?

  6. And the Oscar award goes to….. TAW!! One of the best strats for people who have no luck in stardust (I can relate to the unlucky-ness)

  7. Yo man i don't have bb6 orb can i do it without the orb?

  8. Cam i replace rimuru for princess apala?

  9. Damn I have guts 7 star but I didn’t even survive this long lol

  10. What is recommended tyrone or dr heart

  11. ayy bro this was the Strat me and my friend used before

  12. Nah bro can you carry me or like help me T-T I need aizen 7 star bro

  13. You have more than likely found the best and easiest method to solo gauntlet 👏 kudos 👏 you've got a new sub man

  14. Damn you literally made it easier for me to get aizen and you make used units easy to get

  15. You are honestly one of the best strategist I have ever seen!

  16. Bro your going to help me alout thanks bro❤

  17. I don't have super blueeye orb can i use normal blueeye orb on gojo?

  18. Is there other way to do other 6 star unit instead of kura cuz i dont have his orb yet and i been tryna grind for it but i didnt mean to buy a other orb

  19. im not have rimuru and gojo its ok im getting but how to get kura origami?

  20. Aw man, now I need to wait for the banner to have kisuke on 🙁

  21. somebody give this youtuber a medal.

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