All skins on gladiator in TDS (Tower Defense Simulator) -

All skins on gladiator in TDS (Tower Defense Simulator)

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  1. Is the premium skin for glad is still on the crate or no?

  2. Does the halloween glad look like lord sinister

  3. gladiator skins
    premium: “Slugger Gladiator”
    pumpkin crate: “Pumpkin Gladiator”
    spooky crate: “Demon Gladiator”

  4. I don’t have glad but I have a pumpkin creat for if it returns

  5. It'd sad I quit before Halloween event an joined after the event bc I could've have the Halloween skins

  6. The slugger skin is pretty trash lookin ngl

  7. Bro slugger gladiator is the best bc reference scout from tf2 also had different attack sfx

  8. I wish they add an og glad skin, it’s sad that as a returning player that other people have the tower from robux. I had to work hard for back in 2019 cuz i thought it was going to be rare in the future. ):

  9. only skin i dont have for glad is demon. I didnt participate in halloween 2020 that much. Only like to tier 8


  11. wow now thia will be the 70 comment so no more funny number

  12. The holloween gladiator max lvl look like lord sinister

  13. Why does the last one song seems nostalgic

  14. Halloween skin 1 gladiator maxed is Lord sinister

  15. You know these skins have NAMES right?

  16. When the tds add gladiator with stop posting about baller face

  17. Can you tell me all the musics for each skin? I’m sure everyone wants to know!

  18. 1 and 2 skin is the slicer and baller

  19. I have all of them but the second halloween one

  20. Can you make part 2 because gladiator has new skin

  21. slugger might be cool but no skin will ever be better than pumpkin gladiator

  22. That baseball gladiator lvl 1 has a STOP POSTING ABOUT BALLER face

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