ALL NEW DUCK SKINS!! | Tower Defense Simulator (UPDATE) -

ALL NEW DUCK SKINS!! | Tower Defense Simulator (UPDATE)

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  1. why are all the maps so dark? I have to blind myself to see the map properly

  2. Kinds disappointed that the duck gladiator skin didn't get added…

  3. I won solo molten mode with using the new rework shotgunner its so broken and it can shred better

  4. Time to grind enginerd not the event wohoo….

    I'll enjoy these 20 hours…

  5. Max ducky minigunner looks really cool not gonna lie

  6. Hi I'm one of you're supporter's I use you're star code every time I buy robux.
    so that's that.

  7. but what happend with the Ducky D00M Is he in the game? Or no boss events?

  8. i need help because i want hardcore with help of someone

  9. when i saw duck skins i first thinked about
    a Poland president what died by plane crash

  10. How do u activate cash trails for me its ON but it does not work i refresh it a couple times it still not work

  11. whats funny is that freezer was leaked to be reworked before shotgunner and he is still the sme

  12. Elite, you should play find the markers again because they added new markers. Please see this comment

  13. Has anyone notice that they have gold perks i think wich gives regular skin golden buffs they just aded it in this update

  14. Elite i have dares to you add me and play hardcore until i got 2.500

  15. The update make ur screen Black I was so worried I tho something happen to my computer

  16. His friend got fall and stuck while falling to the sky.

  17. Are the skins supposed to be hard to get, because I got all of them on day one of the event. BTW if anyone wants to buy out all the skins I did some math and it takes like 1.2k robux or so, got the numbers from a person I know buying the whole thing out. Hope some of this info was helpful

  18. They didn’t rework slayer shot gunner 🙁

  19. what is the use of ducky skin of the skins on the towers that has golden skin 🙁

  20. lets just not talk about the beginning alright?


  22. How do you equip the black version of the new duck skins?

  23. I did shotgun only molten mode and I won sooooo, shotgunner is op now

  24. Finally a second skin for hunter atleast i have the code skin and how do i get it

  25. It would have been cool if minigunner was ducky d00m at final lv

  26. it sucks that i have 4/5 gold skins, i would’ve replaced them for the duck skins if everything was equal

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