All Divine Units Showcase! | Ultimate Tower Defense -

All Divine Units Showcase! | Ultimate Tower Defense

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  1. Can u make a godly showcase next please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. He changed his mind on eato from the tier list

  3. how did someone give you units did he buy you gems or something

  4. I love yar viscose but whats better black bered on whis or 5odo

  5. Yooo utd again nice btw I think Whis is back in meta and Dio is better than jotaro

  6. yeah this game is fun. from my experience i think blackbeard is the best. everyone, whats your best in your opinion?

  7. If you don’t use dio’s time stop Johnny final act and dio are identical in damage terms

  8. Dr jotaro gives u 1k cash every wave if maxed so he better then dio

  9. i think jotaro is better tham dio because dio cant attack in his timestop exept for the roller but when the stand attacks it dosent stop so it can deal 500 000 dmg really quick

  10. Todoroki is better at slowing but black beard has better range

  11. I rolled netro divine when I was level 4 and he carrying me

  12. My freind got naruto six paths the first day we started playing. He opened 3 crated and got it

  13. Black beard does 50% of any units health then agony stops doing damage if anyone was wondering bc I've never heard a single person say that!

  14. I am pretty sure each horse that hits does that much damage

  15. Its sad that he was so active back then but now he quit and i dint have anythign to do now ur my insipiration for utd

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