All Blessings in Anime World Tower Defense -

All Blessings in Anime World Tower Defense

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This video can help you to choose what blessing do you want in Anime World Tower Defense!

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  1. Backsound name? Its kinda nostalgic to me but i forgot the source

  2. can u pls tell me how to get the skin on luffy i kinda dont understand the things u typed in and i really want it.

  3. so is there any units good for story because am having a hard time with jojos part

  4. How do you get Murasama and is there a return for him in the future updates?

  5. Finally an anime tower defense with a Shinji cosmetic thing

  6. I was just ina server with u wow big fan btw

  7. vro evold all the ubits in the game

  8. bro i hve Gentle-Jo same like u but i dont have a bless

  9. how do u get yor forger ?? i want it…

  10. I have ruffys [MR] but no blessings 😢

  11. How are some of the sr and less have some better blessings than LR and UR and above

  12. WTF IS THIS SONG 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  13. lol how player have exorcist flame blessing ??

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