ALL ACCELERATOR SKINS (Showcase) - Tower Defense Simulator -

ALL ACCELERATOR SKINS (Showcase) – Tower Defense Simulator

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Hazmat Accelerator?!?!

0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Default Accelerator
1:13 – Mage Accelerator
2:08 – Eclipse Accelerator
3:09 – Cupid Accelerator
4:13 – Hazmat Accelerator
4:44 – Outro

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In this video it shows a visual perspective of all current Accelerator skins from levels 1-5 in the game: Tower Defense Simulator!


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zluq is noob!!!!


  1. hazmat accelerator is kinda upgrade is nothing special to change to him

  2. what is the song u used for your outro dude?

  3. I would like and Sub If it wasn't a Rich man Dancing at the End.

  4. so my idea for hazmat accel is that it would be like all levels but with green and yellow and turns fully green at max

  5. Did i just witness him jumping up 4k subs

  6. I think you need to see doctor you sound is not great

  7. jezus christ was creator in pain and agoni because of accels acid?

  8. I actually didn’t click on this video for hazmat accel, i haven’t used mage accel in a long time and i forgot how its levels looked so i just wanted to see if anything changed

  9. that voice makes me want to mute the audio and close out of the video

  10. Fun fact: hazmat accel didnt have changes level

  11. This sounds like when spenders do a voice reveal 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Why he have hazmat accel
    It’s removed

  13. i like how every bosses (doesn’t count the creator) say accel “weak” even tho they always got shredded by accel spam

  14. My favorite accelerator skin is the mage accelerator

  15. me seeing the thumbbnails: oh he placed 3 accel skin
    me after realising: wait what

  16. isn’t hazmat accel skin the one that is either deleted due. to glitches or bugs. or it’s just unobtainable

  17. How did you get hazmat accelerator i tought hazmat accelerator is removed WWIT A MINUTE YOU USE FILTER TO GET HAZMAT ACCELERATOR

  18. muhahahahahahahahahahahaahhahaahhahaahahahahahahaa says:

    "Diamond" showcase

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