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  1. My city ain’t strong enough don’t work for me

  2. I got 1 star on this with battle power 243.211 it took me a year its extremely hard but managed to do it. If anyone needs help. Let me know. I have the absolute best only way possible. Yo do. It lol believe me it's true,. This strategy won't work with that equipment Power trust me on that.

  3. i finally got three stars on this one and all other ones hard and normal..I have a pretty good strategy for this level if you wanna know in detail let me know

  4. I start with 2700 resources, any one know the reason ?

  5. how is that hard when you have 3800 res?

  6. مممحسحخبههخثاصخخيخخشححقعفعاري

  7. I hate how the commercial projects something way different.

  8. Ça la même constitution et le même objectif qu'un jeu que je jouais quand j'étais petit ça me rappel de beaux souvenirs

  9. it is identical to a game published in the years 2007,2008 on online gaming platforms I missed it all

  10. Not hardlevel, yet another YouTube video falsely claiming hard level

  11. I don't want to be mean or anything.. but this seems a very boring game..

  12. Can someone please tell me why there's a cap on my army and what can i do about it?

  13. It reminds me of a gameloft game that went by the name: MEGA TOWER ASSAULT

  14. Hello! Can you tell me what is this game? I could not find it on google.. Is it Age of Z Origins?

  15. you’re doing this tutorial on the normal mode with 3800, the hard mode gives 2700 rss. in the video’s beginning, it states normal mode in the upper right hand corner.

  16. How the fk do you start off with 3800 gems, I start with 2700.

  17. Qual o nível de sua cidade? Pois eu usei a mesma formação e não consegui passar.

  18. No wonder dude is able to beat it. He start out with 3800 resources!! I only start with 2700. Not possible yet

  19. it is possible with high level city, i am at level 23 with battle power of 3.7 milion and it doesn't work for me. Crusher always manage to pass from left side …

  20. I think this an old version, latest version have new difficulity

  21. He gives me 2,700 resources when I start the game.

  22. How increase money to buy many towers and how increase power of tower ?!

  23. Essa formação Só funciona no nível fácil no difícil não chega ao 5

  24. You can pass it without getting rid of stuff if your smart. I did it on both my accounts easy and hard. Was not difficult

  25. As a C23 is it possible to beat this level? My buffs are +30% machine gun, +27.5% rocket/EMP, +32.5% lasers and it seems literally impossible to even 1 star it

  26. It’s NOT hard MODE though. Most doing a search would see title and think “ok – lev 20 IN HARD MODE”. Not knowing until they VIEW IT “ Oh weak. This isn’t hard mode; this guy just THINKS the level is HARD to beat!”

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