Accelerator Unit in Arena Tower Defense -

Accelerator Unit in Arena Tower Defense

Sister guard
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The newest unit the Accelerator has arrived to arena tower defense I wanted to go over how to get it and some tips and tricks on how to use it.

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  1. The attack not same like tds accel and phaser tower battle (ORIGINAL LASER TOWER IS TOWER BATTLE PHASER) Light beamer and Last goc is kinda cool but is trash for 10m hp enemy not good for loadout reaper is more good than that

  2. You have to beat master mode to unlock the accelerator. I can't really beat it (ik ik)

  3. I got to 225 wave with just the new tower lol

  4. Hey sister guard love your content btw what would u recommend for solo medium?

  5. It doesn’t work for me the tutorial

  6. be honest u played this game bc ur a simp or ur a tds fan and saw "tower defense" in it

  7. Every master piece has its copy
    -Accelerator from tds

  8. This tower is gonna be op on maps like "The Maze" where the entrance isn't on the edge of the map

  9. i remember when this game was named woman td

  10. I thought putting a tower within the beam would delete it

  11. The new sandbox thing was usefull for this

  12. Actually she is very cheap
    But is only useful on mid game when deadly voids start to come
    But bruh maxing her before round 60 is more likely no
    I think his dps is like 5000+ aproximated
    She at max can kill a enourmous in like 5 seconds and very useful so deadly voids arent a problem anymore and just worry about the beefys and enourmous
    I give accelerator a 6/10 cause its not that good on early game as she is EXTREMELLY EXPENSIVE PLACEMENT
    And only useful on mid game(around round 50 – 90)

  13. Does upgrading both accelerators increase the damage more than if you just upgraded one?

  14. The 3 brothers(accel, phaser and goc): Fires an instant laser beam
    Lightbeamer: fires laser beams, projectiles and explosions

  15. Me: places 2 accelerators
    One of the accelerators: time to break and do absolutely no damage.

  16. We have phaser from tower battles accelerator from tds accelerator from ATDS and plasma accelerator from btd6

  17. Tip: When you place two accelerators, only one will do damage and the accelerator that deals damage will have an electricity effect

  18. You only have to upgrade one of them which is the one with a electric effect

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