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  1. just the amount of easier the coa is going to be bc the keybinds

  2. W? Or L Update for me it's both Because…(W) Reworked 2 towers, ability key bind, Fixed bugs and new skins! But (L) For Pay Wall Auto skip feature.

  3. I really like new ice witch animation

  4. literally now deals over 600 dps by default, no random lows and highs, just a bit over 600 dps, 625 dps to be exact, with commander that just gets even higher, allowing accel to do deal 968.75 dps! now that's insane

  5. A bug with the nuclear accel, nostalgic

  6. am i the only one who thinks the old beam for accel was cooler some way?

  7. i really miss the pink eclipse accel for max level

  8. Accelerator being more expensive to place is a small L but for that much damage I see why.

  9. im just happy they fixed the farm issue when the update first came out and a bunch of new accel skins that i just LOVE W W W W W W W UPDATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  10. This is a good over all update the only problem is that you cant stack no more also thr accel without counting the charges is around 375 dps but with commander its about 685dps but if we do count the chargr and cool down we will just say its about 500/300 dps


  12. I might be the first person to say this but this Accel update is kinda similar to the Shocker in Zombie Madness

  13. Ok can i note something about accelerator in game,toys,trailers and thumbnail
    Why are the max lvls blue and not purple/pink
    And also when freezer rework?
    1 like = 1 freezer rework

  14. Do you know that accels max damage went from 25 to 50? Also no damage tick at max

  15. TF2 Demoman has an unlockable weapon/cosmetic called the bootlegger which gives him a peg leg. Thats probably the reference right there.

  16. Uhmm you forgot about electroshockers new animations but not buffed and also your vids are cool

  17. I think the nuclear accelerator skin will be awarded to those who beat polluted wasteland 2.0

  18. Who thinks tds devs should make at level 100, u get a 6th tower slot ?

  19. If u look at accel skins you’d see a ducky accel in the update log

  20. i replied in the tweet of the reworks ITS THE DEMOMAN FROM THE HIT GAME TEAM FORTRESS 2 WITH THE ACCELERATOR FROM THE HIT GAME TOWER BATTLES and they added tf2 demoman skin lol

  21. I love using my glad abilities all at once

  22. I love the auto skip because of QuickDraw 😊

  23. Colors of Accelerator Beams:
    Default- Blue & then Purple
    Mage- Blue and then White? I'm not completely sure
    Eclipse- Yellow and then orange
    Cupid- Pink & then Red
    Ice Witch- Ice Blue & then Lightning Blue
    Navy- Blue & then White
    Red- Red & then Orange

  24. Imagine searching up accelerator, trying to find the definition.
    And then you find a bunch of pictures for a roblox character with an electric gun

  25. Bartholomew James Edward Millers Jones Smith JR XI says:

    Me bruh

  26. 3:45 its probably a reference to the bootlegger item for the demoman in tf2

  27. I came back after 2 years to your channel and your appearance has changed

  28. Accel now has 280 dips max and it’s comparable to golden mini at earlier levels

  29. Paradoxum games watched this video 💀💀💀💀

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