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A New Roblox Anime Game That’s NOT Just Another Tower Defense Game

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Outro – Persona 3 Color Your Night



  1. You can play the game why tfk isnt it released yet?

  2. Reminds me a lot of anime adventures but with a twist, I like it

  3. this isn't really much different from tower defense games, gacha system that looks like every single tower defense game, watch your troops fight, skipping this one

  4. the fact this game is paragon is so sad i was one of the only people who loved that game its a shame they shut it down basically instantly and quit development on it fully

  5. Special or not it’s still a gacha game ngl

  6. Ngl a turn based game/tower defense game that doesn’t have good effects just ain’t it (in terms of roblox)

  7. turn based game? oh my lord i just splurted a little at the sound of that

  8. Been waiting for a game like this and not the regular cnp TD, hopefully more games start to expand in different ways without being the same game over and over.

  9. My inner persona is definitely gonna be playing this game.

  10. my guy still got the dbz cures Bru 😂

  11. Wasn't this made by the same game devs that made that 'Paragon' game to attract people to the anime one 😭

  12. Why does Every game want to have thé same map 💀 Goddamn like bro why always a neo city at night

  13. Why do all these new games LOOK like anime adventures tho

  14. yo infernasu your left toenail is missing talk to ybnoodlez for it

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