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6 Star Saitama All Star Tower Defense (Fanmade)

King Luffy
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  1. Just A Guy With A Hentai Pfp A nice pfp at that says:

    If its infinite dmg then the dmg would be based on the enemies health. Kinda op if you have multiple 100 million hp enemies on farm and used this skill you would get more dmg that light

  2. คาลาเมล เอฟเอฟ says:


  3. He could of been an full aoe then hes op

  4. Just saying how is saitama reaching from there with a 25 and 35 range?

  5. to op if inf range and damage
    first attack 20000 damage
    2000 rang
    5 attacks per second
    1st upgrade 69995 damage
    50000 range
    10 seconds per attack

  6. looking back this is bad (except for the ability)

  7. Tbh to op because propel could money grind allllllllllll day and get like 10000000000 gems

  8. how to make you need 10 4 star krillins and 15 3 star krillins and 5 5 star genos and 2 4 star genos. you also need 2 5 star gokus and opostles or whatever they are called

  9. Saitama 6 star could be like light yagami (the death note but a serious punch) can use once day or week [1B] damage [3B] damage with Erwin [8B] max level with Erwin

  10. In original all star , saitama in 5 star not 6 star

  11. It should be 1b or 2b to prevent form maxing out dmg task so fast of the skill
    Normal punch about 1m or 2m
    And his range is aoe full and also inf cuz he hit any map so yeeee

  12. there should be a 5 star saitama thats completely normal, then a 6 star saitama that is serious

  13. imagine he pushes enemies back
    everytime he punches

  14. After 9 months this still one of the best king luffy ever made

  15. dang you should made a serious punch for the last one

  16. Saitama shouldnt be an inf dmg cuz that would break the game dmg deal quest

  17. I think Saitama should be a unit that gives you discounts on your upgrades for other towers but be like Light Yagami where he just one shots everything every so often

  18. in my opinion saitama would start out as tracksuit and then as he kills the enemy units he gets stronger, after a while he’ll go bald and then continue getting stronger with every unit he kills (he gets stronger with all the damage he does so 100 health goes to 100 dmg +)

  19. Hot to obtain saitama : Complete a dungeon by 1.5%

  20. Tbh it should be like kira deals a billion dmg cool down is 600 seconds

  21. 5 star version is his one punch and 6 star is his best punch

  22. Its just kira but it can attack and only use once it will be in meta cuz If Kira 6 star is like on cooldown and enemy is coming and theres the serious punch

  23. For those who are literally scolding him for the dmg being so low, this was 9 months ago

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