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6 Star Kakashi Showcase on All Star Tower Defense

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Today I showcase 6 Star Kakashi and 5 Star Bulma on All Star Tower Defense in Roblox! #Roblox #AllStarTowerDefense

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  1. Bruh u need 5 5 stars to get him and I’m broke ;-;

  2. 6 star kakashi has the best dps in the game rn

  3. gilgamesh is 1 million 50k is not much compared to that

  4. Which showcases this it feels like it’s not Kakashi ???

  5. People say i want 6 star escanor i want that or that /me: i want saitama

  6. Naruto six star Will come untill powwr creap comes

  7. They need to make a summoning for six star and you can only go there if you are a level 80 or 70

  8. Everyone disrespecting 5 star kakashi 😤
    When you can get 6 star

  9. Madara 5 star is probably gonna be susanoo and 6 star is Ten tails mode

  10. giogamesh does 11 million dmg and 23 mil when with fire orb

  11. he fr took alot though, 3 kakashi 5 stars plus 2 obito 5 star

  12. The one time I blow all my gems trying to get Minato 6 star 6 star kakashi and 5 star bolma come out

  13. The fact that he missed doin 1 upgrade on saber

  14. its actually way diffrent than meta (except pilot) because u only need to click on 1 enemy
    unit then its basically there its a aimable infinite range atk

  15. You should cut the video from the time you start farming to the time that you place him down, nobody want to see that, just a hint

  16. Anime: Nime; Lime; Sanji; NAruto;= Kakashi Power

  17. I search these because I can make kakashi 6star

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