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5 Star Sanji Showcase in All Star Tower Defense

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Today I showcase 5 star sanji in all star tower defense on Roblox! #Roblox #AllStarTowerDefense
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  1. Bro i got ban in the discord bcz of u cuz u ping stick and u said death threat i was just joking 🙁

  2. Sanji should be able to hit air bc of his air kick attack

  3. did this man really say sanjay? oh my god.

  4. No Flamberge Shot nor Grill Shot, disappointing.

  5. will it have Sanji genes awakened? (From cap 1027) and will it be 6 stars?

  6. Finally after twenty updates(or more) I might just go back to play all star

  7. Can you plz give me gogeta he is my dream unit

  8. I found the new code here it its code: anniversaryastd

  9. They should have made raid suit sanji instead

  10. They should add 6 star raid suit sanji that is hybrid

  11. If you want him to sound and energetic put the speed on 1.25x

  12. sanji Will bee So hard To get units I Have See Sanji Star 5 In Banner Y
    but I Go Private Server To gacha he banner Y Go away

  13. Not even joking when I say this is the worst showcase video I have ever since, zero editing, constant switching to discord for no reason, and useless commentary

  14. «Sanji» is pronounced «sanjE», not «sanjay». Just try saying it like «Sanj E»

  15. i feel like the channel is dead but the content is good

  16. This is the worst showcase ever nonsense off topic talking, switching to discord every 1 second overall just the worst showcase i watched ever

  17. It's sanji it's sayed like sanjee but it's i

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