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3 tricks on how to catch fake OG’s Tower defense simulator

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  1. imagine not having commando or other event towers that is not halloween 2020 or frost event

  2. I’m a og bc I was there for Area 51 event and won commando I even have pirate commando skin

  3. this video is so poorly made ngl

  4. Well I have commando but I don’t have any gladiator skins

  5. you could buy gladiator for robux in the past


  6. Ask "OGs'' to name a removed map that was still in 2019 and if they take more than 10-15 seconds, they lie

  7. 4th way, ask if they have commando. If they're an og, they're almost gaurenteed to have it because that event was super easy and you can't buy it for bobux

  8. I 1st played the game during the heights event. Though I didint play it for like 2 years after that. Then I returned.

  9. 2091:
    Sledger for sale! 300 robux
    (all other items were sold too)
    below: haha og go brr

  10. this isnt entirely true but if i tell you why its gonna sound fake so why bother

  11. Welp I Am OG
    But I Start Play TDS After End OF Christmass Event :/
    So Yeah I Only Have 3 Event Tower (1 Is Not Event And But Is Event Too : Cowboy) {I Dont Have Accel Cus Me Bored Grind :/}

  12. You can just open the skin create from the halloween create if you did all the entire battle pass

  13. People call me not a veteran cuz I bought glad-
    I actually am the event was dumb
    I earned all other event towers legit.

  14. just see if their roblox join date is before the time the event ended 😂

  15. subbed. your content is pretty damn good. keep it up

  16. I used to be an og but I had useless towers and never played it again till the memes

  17. I’m an og but I didn’t get gladiator and other event tower bc I didn’t played tds much back in 2019 and I quit until 2020 or 2021

  18. This should be called how to catch sussy bakas

  19. Im og but no one believes cuz i couldnt beat gladiator event thr creeper dude was pain

  20. I was a og on my old account I was level 243 but that account got hacked so now I’m a level 9 noob 🙁

  21. The only way to actually prove if you are an OG, is if you remember the first lobby ever in Tower Defense Simulator.

    The first lobby map was a molten lobby, it was a really tight and compact lobby, and only about 2 elevators.

    The GUI/Options, were on the side, meaning the towers and shop were on the side, not in the middle.

    Emotes didn't exist in that time period.

    Scouts were really good back then, scouts also had 5 level upgrades, not 4.

    John Tower, replaced with Militant.

    No idle animations and no shooting animations.

    The Towers would stand still and rotate their bodies side to side to shoot.

    The game was in infinite mode, but it did say there was an ending.

    Second, Minigunners used to fly on jetpacks, skins didn't exist, Gladiator was the first event, Freezer had an ice move that froze bosses.

  22. I remember when their was tropical music in the lobby

  23. i have every event tower except for gladiator :sob:

  24. i have no proof but the fact that when i came back tot his game i had 25 levels lol

  25. I was here when SFOTH and area 51 event was here but I didn't beat none of those events because i only had scout and sniper. I never got to beat any events until halloween 2020 and frost invasion where i realized that you can buy towers lol

  26. Me looking at the subscribe button….


  27. well im a kinda og and the only thing i have to prove is hunter lol i joined right after commando event ;-;

  28. I am an of bc I did the event with my friend and I have comando but not gladiator

  29. I played before glad existed, didnt bother to do the event because it was the equivalent of rocketeer today, and now no one believes me :D…

  30. “I have gladiator”
    “Where’s your shredder and commando”

  31. i played in 2018 (i think when max mini had a jetpack if it ever had one) but i dont have glad skins HOWEVER i do have slasher

    edit: I also have 2019 farn skin

  32. Well this is useless against me because i have it

  33. I think the first time I played tds was the Christmas event, then I quit cause it was boring.

  34. i'm actually a tds vetern but… my mian got haxxed soo oof its actually true my main got hacked

  35. I just pretend to be a of coz I get bored lol

  36. I am basically an OG

  37. Make sure you always check their levels.
    for example this.
    Fake OG: Hi play with me i have Gladiator and i am OG.
    Me: Ok i dont even need you because i have Gladiator from P2W and your not even OG its obivious.
    Fake OG: You dont have any proof i am not OG.
    Me: I do.
    Fake OG: What is it.
    Me: You are level 25 only and i am level 61.
    Fake OG: I am actully level 335 its bugged.
    Me: Theres possibly isnt a person with that much level. And i am not dumb.
    Other players: Yee theres no way its bugged we are not dumb too.

  38. in my opinion you should not care how ong actually the person plays the game because on time one of my friends was shocked that golden crate was like 50k and not 10k even he plays like 6 months more than me

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