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25 BUGS in Tower Defense Simulator | TDS (Roblox)

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Seems like tower defense simulator is filled with bugs.. Like the video if you enjoyed and subscribe!
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  1. btw elite pls reply what is the song in the video ngl i realy like it

  2. This happened to me when I was playing fallen and the tank enemies got stuck 4:40

  3. Why does everyone call it coa it’s cta coa is tower battles cta Is tower defense simulator geez get it right for once

  4. Bruh why female. simp guy will get banned from robloc

  5. The gladiator hitting ballons is probably cuz it does splash damage, and since he is attacking the enemies below, te splash somehow hits the ballons

  6. Bommer bug that happens to me too

  7. accelerator gets money form mysteries cuz it old versions when u kill mysteries it gives u money

  8. joão dos games (olha a descrição do canal) says:

    Green scout op

  9. Accelerator doesn’t have a bug where it it targets an enemy and doesn’t switch, it’s the lock on mechanic it will target and enemy until it’s dead

  10. they still haven;t fixed the dj glitch where if you upgrade for range it doesnt update and you have to resell the tower to get dj buff

  11. the thumbnail:scout on track
    Me : u joined crook boss?

  12. I know a bug so if you max toy soider he dont have a gun and red crook boss dont do any dmg but at lest toy soider do dmg at max

  13. Ohhh so the tall ice sledgers make is a glitch and not passives :/

  14. My gems are glitched, they won’t go up
    I am thinking it’s because I play the game too much

  15. Guys my loadout is changing everytime. Load into a game. The towers it gives me egg strat night 4 p2 idk what to do or how to fox

  16. Brazilian Ball [CDP] [AU] [6C40] [CPTUR2] says:

    7:51 Doughboy soldier doing the H moment

  17. The one hidden dec minigunner : I ONLY DO 1 DAMAGE TH-
    Me : ima sell this, but on ebay for 1000000 bucks

  18. when below fix the towers placed at the paths

  19. was that the awakened fallen king at the end?

  20. AWAKNED FALLEN KING 8:20 ITS REAL!!1!1!11!1!1!!!1!11! ERROR BUSTER BADGE CONFIRMED???!?1/!?/1?!?1/?/1/1?!?!!?1!!?1/!?!??w?W/ewd/sfsfvfzazdwdfaweawrsfzszd

  21. I beat outpost 81 and trick or threat it doesnt show me i passed them…

  22. I have one more glitch, the galactic commander when does the ability uses the chill face and the gun it is badly grasped

  23. Actually that sledger glitch is still there it happened to me

  24. Pursuit now no get stun before yes but now no

  25. why u "censored" the awakened fallen king in the end i wanted to see it

  26. For the bugs that has got to do with commander and dj buffs gone after selling one of multiple(2 or more), its bc of the way they are scripted. They r scripted so that the last support tower placed gives the set buff.

    So if I have a max commander and I place another one next to it, the towers around them get that 2nd commander’s buff, not the max one.

    I forgot the result for selling one of them, maybe that the buff gets removed even tho there is alr the other commander(s).


  28. The reason the bug of the elevator when u go out and u get in the elevator automatically it's because of ur wings

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