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12 of the best Tower Defense Games on Steam l 2021

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Creating a ‘best’ of list is a very subjective thing but i thought i’d take on that challenge for one of my favourite genres “Tower Defense”
The list is made up of old and new titles and i’m sure it’ll be different to what many of you would have selected (where’s Bloons?) hence why i have called it 12 of the best 🙂

Part of the reason for doing this video (apart from the fun element) is i’m trying to teach myself video editing using DaVinci Resolve so any comments, suggestions or constructive criticism would be most appreciated.


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  1. The list needs to be renewed. Have you tried Island Defense TD?

  2. after taking a look at this vid , td6 ballon still best game

  3. o.O you actually showed me 2 enntirely new, good looking games, AND you've rated Defence Grid 1 above the sequel (a rather unpopular opinion, with wich i 100% agree tho). Thumbs up for that!
    From a viewers prospective it would've been nice to know, what made you choose these games. (What were your criteria in determinig the order of games, what is the factor, wich makes one game superior to the others?)

    Sadly, even among the "best 12 Steam Tower defences" there are only a few exeptional ones. If you are new to the genre, and are looking for new challannges, i recommend you to back to the roots. Warcraft 3 and Strarcraft 2 arcade maps are still the best place to look for high quality TD's. (Recommenndations: Gem TD & Legion TD (available in both games). If you truly want to melt your brain on a mazing tower defence, check out "Entropy TD" in Sc2. It's truly the most complex TD I've ever seen. (It's multiplayer tho, Single player is only a tutorial)

  4. Evil Defenders so criminally under rated. Ancient Planet another great game. There are some levels in
    that game that will make you want to chew your testicles off. Anyhoo. Back to my dungeon for more
    cake eating.

  5. Nice list. Kingdom Rush is hands-down the best due to its strict adherence to the tower defense format. I always game while listening to lectures/Youtube playlists so something with beautiful graphics and straightforward gameplay has to be my go-to

  6. I've never heard of some if these of these. I'll have to remember this video next time I'm in the mood for another TD game.
    Surprised "Prime World Defenders" wasn't on the list. I see many people mentioning Bloons 6. After seeing dozens of screenshots of it from a steam friend it doesn't really look like it's for me either, but I've never played it.

  7. Thanks for showing me CRYPTO! 🙂

  8. The first Defense Grid is the grandaddy of them all as far as I'm concerned. Also, while it's a great list; Dungeon Warfare, Element TD 2 and Pixeljunk Monsters should definitely be on there as well. Perhaps the Orcs Must Die series and Toy Soldiers as well?

  9. Nice to have a list of some TD games and visuals to reference. It would have been nice to have some audio explaining why you preferred some games to other though. Otherwise, it's just based on looks.

  10. Have you played any of the Dungeon Defenders games? I prefer them over Orcs Must Die

  11. idk man they are more 3d game than td games, wich one has something specifical that cannot be found in a similar way to others?

  12. The first Grid Defense was amazing! one of my favorite games of all time. I wish they would have just made new maps instead of trying to reinvent the wheel? I also loved Orcs must die! So many weak titles get limitless sequels, just not the games I seem to like….

  13. Curious why almost no one ever talks about dungeon defenders (the first one). I think it is the best one on steam and you can play up to 4 player local coops split screen.

  14. I can’t believe you forgot to put BTD6 on here

  15. cmon legion td 2 is one of the best td, on par against element td, greatest td of all times

  16. Not putting bloons 5 or 6 on here is just disrespectful

  17. Can you do speed run of Kokoro ultimate its a fighter indie game just launched on steam. My best time was 19 min to beat story.

  18. My problem with all these games is the purpose of defending your space: There is none!
    "Why are we defending this area? Cause it's a tower defense game!" Stupid…
    That's why I want NPC invasions in V Rising, there you literally have a purpose to set up "tower defense" systems, because it's your own friggin castle you farmed for, built with your own 2 hands, sleep and craft in and need to be safe in.

  19. Ancient planet !!! I'm desperate to find another game as good as this one

  20. If you do a video of the best tower defense 2022 please add Arrival of Beasts 😝

  21. Well deserved 1st place. In a crazy way you could also play Factorio a bit like tower defense although the main objective is different. By the way how would you rate Rftbreaker, which is great and also has some tower defense like gameplay layer?

  22. My all time favorites are "Kingdom Rush:Classic" and "GemCraft". But there is also one called "Vector Tower Defence 2". It's quite fun.

  23. "Crypto against all odds" is a sad piece of crap. The game is at best "meh" – and the only thing "special" about it, is that it's stuffed with crypto bro nonsense that doesn't mean shit. 😀

  24. Sexy Mystic Defenders is surprisingly good Tower Defence for a hentai game

  25. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. One thing that would help is for each game clip, having the name of the game continuously visible on the screen. The name chapters in the video really helped though, thank you.

  26. You forgot Sol Survivor… I mean comon..

  27. mindustry e um jogo de estrategia e defesa ele e muito bom tem na steam e

    para pc e celular tem muitos modos de jogo pvp coop e defesa tem modo online e roda em

    pc fraco o jogo e muito leve

  28. I'm disappointed that bloons wasn't on the list

  29. I wish someone one day would do a triple A tower defence game, my favourite genre but it is so hard to come across a good quality one

  30. Excuse me.Your video reminds me of a game I played when I was a child. There will be a base falling from the sky in the center of the map, and there are four platforms for you to equip weapons, which can help you destroy the enemy who wants to destroy the base ( My English is not good. I try to describe the game with a machine )The core of the base is a blue triangular column (like the reference drawn to you, the column is not as long as the pyramid). The column will change its color to show its durability. In addition to the four platforms, there will be walls and towers around them. (Those four platforms can be equipped with Gatling, missiles and cannons, but machine guns can't be fired for a long time. You must stop using it until it cools down. Missiles need time to load and can hit any place on the map. You only need to predict the time when the enemy and missile fly to the target point. The dynamic mark mark will slowly decrease in the selected place.) In addition, you can spend money to buy air support or ground support to solve the enemies who attack from all directions.Maybe you have been attracted by my description. You think this game sounds very interesting.Unfortunately, I forgot its name and lost my iPad in the same year (this should be an old game. I got the iPad in 2006 and lost my iPad in 2007) Five years later, I got a new iPad, but I couldn't find it on the App Store. This is a sad thing. I spent too much time to find that game, According to my memory, that game is not an audience (can you try to find that game? If you find it, can you tell me? I am very grateful for that. You can understand that this comment is a comment for help. If you don't do this, you can ignore this comment. I am very grateful that you read here and please understand my English not good again) There are many excellent games in the world, even if they are not accepted, some people will still give high scores, but at that time we did not cherish it, so we can only regret why we did not cherish it(sad)

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