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12 Must Have Tower Defense Games On Sale Right Now!

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My personal curated list of 12 amazing Tower Defense games on sale right now on the Steam Holiday Sale!

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  1. Sanctum seems intresting might get the secound one

  2. I already have all these games,
    I guess i'm a man of culture :v

  3. Me and my twin just switched from console to pc dd2 so im gonna have eve2 lol and then im gonna choose between lavamancer and the wraith guy if possible lol

  4. Seems you've left out "GemCraft – Chasing Shadows"

  5. I totally agree on BTD 5 and 6, those are mint games

  6. Ironn brigade es mi favorito después de DD, lamentablemente no hay muchos jugadores pero vale mucho la peda

  7. MERRY CHRISTMAS 😀 Thank you for the highlights for good tower defense games. Have a good Christmas!

  8. Great list! Wonder what the total price would be if someone bought all the DLC of all the games you listed.

    As for the DD2 deal, imo, the best deal is the $7.49 USD deal. It gives you 2k gems, 1 bag + 1 Vault + some other things. Then you go to the emporium and buy the 50% off Vault. This assumes you're not maxed out on Vault space of course. The best double dipping deal, imo!!

  9. Another great video. I have played most of these already but definitely going to check out the ones I don't have yet. Thank you for all the great content!

  10. My all time favorite Savage Moon. If I remember the name correct. Ps3 game so idk if it's anywhere else. Must have you will love it!

  11. I have vampiric empowerment. What do I do next to be mass destruction

  12. Neocore, the makers of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing which the Deathtrap Dungeon was spun off from have been working on their Warhammer 40K licensed game, Inquisitor Martyr & it's expansion Prophecy. That's basically why you won't be likely to see a follow-up to Deathtrap Dungeon anytime soon, especially as the tower defense segments don't really make an appearance in their newer games.

  13. For everyone that has a decent Android phone, I urge you to check out Infinitode 2. It's the best classic TD game I've played in years, despite it being just a tiny bit grindy, since it's F2P. I love it regardless.

  14. I'm upset this genre is barely existent.

  15. One of my favorite TD's is EnderCraftTD inside of StarCraft

  16. I​ lost​ my​ Money​ Again​ For​ Steam​ T T

  17. Defense Grid is the best TD Game I have ever played!

  18. Hero defense is a very underrated tower defense. Check it if you need a new tower defense

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