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1,000 Turret Tower Defense vs Giant Zombie Horde! – They Are Billions Custom Map Gameplay

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1,000 Turret Tower Defense vs Giant Zombie Horde! – They Are Billions Custom Map Gameplay

They Are Billions tower defense custom map gameplay today building 1,000 turret defense to defend against a giant zombie horde! We’ll build mainly wasp turrets and some executor towers, but no walls or units (except for Mutants). So this zombie defense game ends up being pretty close, but our mountain pass defense might hold the zombie horde if the Giants don’t crush our wasp turret nest first!
This They Are Billions custom map was made before the They Are Billions campaign and is called ‘The Mountain Pass’ and is available on Steam.


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About They Are Billions:
They Are Billions is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected undead zombies that want to defeat your defenses. Can you survive after the zombie apocalypse?
In my videos, typically I only cover the They Are Billions final wave in which billions of zombies come to try and destroy your Command Center while trying out crazy strategies. From making 2000 snipers, hundreds of Titans, Shock Towers Only, you name it; I like to have fun and try some crazy stuff! I don’t really go over beating the game, or necessarily make the ‘Best Defense Possible’ because I aim to make these videos as epic and entertaining as possible.
With the recent They Are Billions new update, that added the They Are Billions Campaign mode, we have a lot of They Are Billions campaign gameplay on the channel. We usually play on hard difficulty, but on some missions we play on 800% apocalypse difficulty or 900% nightmare difficulty. The They Are Billions campaign mode update also adds new units, missions, enemy zombies, towers and more!
They Are Billions custom map gameplay is a big thing now too since the release of the custom map editor in the new update. The map editor allows anyone to make any scenario in They Are Billions, from having a Giant final wave or 100 giants attack at once!

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  1. You need a higher defense budget
    Also spitters can destroy turrets with their splash attack

  2. I just got this game on Xbox and I keep dying over and over (usually to like 3 zombies just eating everyone before my starting units can help). I do not know how to make my economy as strong as you do.

  3. Confirmed. A troll map with false wave info cannot defeat the Memes.

  4. I always assume you have at least 300k subs.

    And growing quickly.

  5. I would like to watch you playing No Man's Sky… please

  6. That colonist must have been the poor lad who went to place the mines

  7. still doesnt compare to my old maps where waves lasted 10+ days lol final wave lasted like 40 days lol

  8. shock towers would work here cause they can remove a lot of the undead esally.

  9. How do I download this custom map? I'm not on Steam, but Origin. Thanks in advance for any help.

  10. Do you have a link to this mod, or did you post it and am i just blind(could be xD), aside from that nice video dude, very lively commentary 😀

  11. Can't wait to see them make you cry, ahahahahahahaha.

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