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100 PLAYERS Open CRATES For Me in Toilet Tower Defense

Doodle and Arkey
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100 PLAYERS Open CRATES For Me in Toilet Tower Defense

Today, we give 100 PLAYERS Crates to open for us! Whoever unboxes the BEST and RAREST units wins GEMS!

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  1. 5:51 no shot!!! no way bro nah that was way to lucky in a time crate bro would get like upgraded titan clock man or chief clock man bro😂

  2. Day 7 of asking for titan clover man my username is Noah_icecool

  3. Archie, I saw a people that try to act like you their name is Archie stinky and then Archie trash

  4. Doodle green laser is worse than green laser

  5. The godly in toilet tower defence is the strongest

  6. I laughed when arkey chased the burrito😂😂

  7. Doodle can i have the Astro upgrade Titan cameraman i sub pls pls

  8. If Doodle snaps I don’t blame him

  9. Fun fact: double tap a comment to like it.

  10. Thank you for , a 0.1 sec collab, THANK YOU ARKEY [Doodles m0m] 13:34

  11. Can u guys pls give me some gems pls my account name is urainabo

  12. I saw somebody say sunny and Mellon are better like this comment if you think that's a lie

  13. When ARKEY said the "BURITO HEH HEH HEH😂" got me rolling on my floor 😂😂😂


  15. what is code partner ep 74 part 1 skibidi tower defense

  16. Please give me a free unit please can you please add me as a friend on roblox please
    I love your videos ❤🎁🎁💝

  17. Doodle and arkey pls can I have a dj tv man pls 😢😢😢name:wizardy3421

  18. Aekey can you give me a mech bunny titan please I have a brother his name is max my name is jay my mom,s name is

  19. Thank you I got my dream unit becuase of you ❤️ my user is remonthanks doodle

  20. Bro I feel so bad at the game when I see vids like these my best unit is a leprechaun💀 my username is Ninjaeli26

  21. Somebody said sunny and melon better

  22. Pls ultimate trade pls trade it is my dream

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