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10 Best COOP Games That Are Always Ignored

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Looking for a good game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Switch to play with a friend? We’ve got you covered with these underrated co-op games.
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Strange Brigade


Warhammer: Vermintide 2


Bro Force


A Way Out


Darksiders Genesis


Alien Swarm


BattleBlock Theater

PC Linux xbox 360

Sniper Elite 4


Killing Floor 2


Risk of Rain 2



  1. Commenting on a year old video but oh well. Yes killing floor 2 is a very fun game, more so if you have a large group of friends. Wish there was more games like that let you have was large party system

  2. A way out and It takes two are the two games I never finished because my friends keep dropping them. It's a shame there's no AI partner in these.

  3. Always looking for 2 player local to play with my son on ps4 and God's trigger and 9 monkeys of shaolin,and diablo 3 r good ones. I found darksiders genesis on here and appreciate that it's good. Tiny Tina's wonderland is what's next when it comes to local co op

  4. Bro force is just not good. The controls feel really off. Before anyone thinks about buying, I recommend trying it in places like PS Now or Gamepass.

  5. Getting sick of finding coop games to SPECIFICALLY look for couch/local coop. Only to be dissapointed that it's online coop

  6. Risk of rain 2 is highly held back by not being cross platform. My friends on xbox told me to get it on my PC and we were never able to play together. Still an awesome game though for sure.

  7. Vermintide 2 and Killing Floor 2 aren't popular for high amounts of microtransactions and their price is too damn high. Vermintide 2 is obviously slashed game into DCLs, there's tons of weapons/maps/game mods hidden behind paid DLC.

  8. May be an older game and doesn't have the support as current games do, but Splinter Cell: Double Agent was so fun to mess around in with friends and do missions together back in the day. I actively play the games mentioned in the video but as the years go by, it seems most gaming companies are heavily focused on big game lobbies for competitive multiplayer sessions… Not that it's a bad thing but man I really do just miss sitting down with buddy and playin' couch co-op games until the break of dawn.

  9. Apart from A way out, just « more of the same » old game mechanics. Still waiting for real next gen game (not just the same with cuter graphics).

  10. i played A Way Out with a friend and it was absolutely perfect

  11. Alien Swarm and Risk of rain 2 is DEFENETLY worth to try. Warhammer Vermintide 2 was pretty fun as well, but I felt that you need full 4 people friend party in order to have full fun, after a while it get pretty repetitive and bots in your team suck ass, as well as strangers that come in your party, we found most of them just griefing and fucking up the game for me and my friend. Shame that Vermintide dosent have a 2 people mode, would be amazing game… We usually run Alien Swarm only 2 people party. it's a challange, but we love it!

    Also Minion Master, try it its good and has coop

  12. Minionr masters
    Lovers in space

    Try both

  13. What about Toe Jam and Earl?? Oldie but Goldie

  14. It's so strange to me why people don't fancy the brigade. One of my favorite multiplayer games of all time!

  15. "10 best coop games that are always ignored"
    -continues to post some of the most popular games that exist

  16. you missed DEFIANCE, god damn what a nice, simple and enjoyable game it was, hope the make something like it soon, with updated story /graphics, content

  17. The game strange brigade I actually had a dream about it way before I even knew about this game

  18. I would recomend Earth defence force 4.1, borderlands 2, and divinity original sin 2 as well.
    And we are actually playing Vermintide 2 right now with my friends.

  19. I’ve been addicted to Killing Floor 2 for years now! I can’t get enough of the medic class. I love being able to effectively shoot zombies and heal my team at the same time. I could do that all day! I wish there were more medic/ healer classes in games like KF2 or the bodyguard mercenary class in swtor.

  20. Left 4 Dead 2 is the king of co-op.

    I’ve heard Helldivers is fun but haven’t played it.

    Swarm looks like it is based off of the
    Unreal Tournament 2004 mod of the same name where you were also a team of marines surviving waves of aliens.

    Battle Block and Castle Crashers have toxic communities that only let you in if you’re already an expert at the game.

    Killing Floor 2 has neat ideas but bad execution.

  21. Personal opinion:

    Strange Brigade = Clucky, mechanical, nothing new
    Vermitide 2 = It's ok but nothing special
    Broforce = Yes yes excellent coop game but 8 years old ?
    Way Out = Great but 1 off
    Darksiders = Well this is interesting and why i was looking for a list. Something that's really now known as a coop
    Alien Swarm = Looks too indie
    Battle Block = million other games like it, only difference is this ones more coop based. Little interest to try
    Sniper Elite 3 = King of coop! <3
    Killing Floor 2 = wtf ? this is like a student project which the Uni released for public play. Really not fun, old and meh
    Risk of Rain 2 = never played it, but looks identical in gameplay to a closer perspective HellDivers

  22. What's with gameranx and their love for 2D & Isometric games

  23. First game looks fun , but after 1 month. It ded .

  24. Just to correct u a way out is not ignored

  25. Darksiders Genesis is too glitchy.

  26. 1:04
    “This is a game that is really liked by all the people that like it”
    MF what?!!

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