1 ENGINEER vs NORMAL MODE!! (can it win?) | Tower Defense Simulator - fantasy-defense.com

1 ENGINEER vs NORMAL MODE!! (can it win?) | Tower Defense Simulator

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  1. 1 Accel with supports on a different map can solo normal

  2. Try eight of each tower(for ones with placement limit do it eith more people

  3. Molten = easiest
    Fallen = easy (if farm or trio)
    Toxic = hard (if solo or duo)
    Badlands = very hard solo
    Normal = almost impossible (speedy boss seems more buffy in this mode and still somehow has immunity against stuns)

  4. When I first saw engineer I thought it was gana be lv tower and I was a bit mad

  5. i agree that normal is harder than molten like i solo normal and died in wave 20 due to fast boss but in molten i got to the boss and lost there

  6. Acceletor:2500 gems
    engineer:4500 gems
    Accelerator better than engineer.
    Logic:tell me, who needs me?

  7. I told the devs to nerf normal they said you can use snipers only and win but I lost plus they said it is easier then molten lol

  8. Grind for accel first and golden crate if you want after that grind for engi

  9. Man really just said normal is harder then fallen WAIT! nvm

  10. Engineer woulnt be my choice to buy, like its kinda better a golden crate but I sometimes I griiind for accel now that he dosent need commander but id better get farm or DJ, for engi its worse because if we get the commander and DJ the sentries wont get those effects (supports) so thats because i rather accel.

  11. Once when I played tds with some other ppl and we picked normal mode then one guy said “why easy mode?” Then I told hi, that normal mode was harder ,and he left.😂

  12. with support towers you could win but 1 engi isn't enough with 2 that could won

  13. try same thing on crossroads, it should work better

  14. Idk why molten mode is the easiest mode the molten boss has 70000 health and the grave digger has 40000 health

  15. Fun fact:more people has fallen badge than normal

  16. We all know this, but we so scared to say it.


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  18. Most towers are better paired with others, why are people soloing with them only???

  19. Beginner mode: Strong ‘molten mode: molten ‘golden mode: 24 karat ‘Fallen mode: fallen’

  20. I beat normal mode with farm Mili base crook boss turret and ranger

  21. Anyone notice how accel was in his loadout at the end instead of engineer when hes promoting his star code?

  22. Someone: No hardcore is the hardest

    Easy: Molten Mode
    Medium: Fallen Mode
    Hard: Normal Mode
    Insane: Hardcore

    Hardcore is Insane not Hard

  23. normal mode is harder then molten but they change molten higher then normal when normal is harder (this is why i hate normal mode ) if they increased the cash when you win or lose it would be the best grinding spree

  24. um i beated normal mode with only militans hm is it really that hard

  25. i won normal mod with only militant and suport

  26. I beat molten first try when I was level1 hardest I beat fallen level 30 too and I did not beat normal mode until level 49

  27. When accel gets stun it just reacharges it’s beam

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