🔥 Trading my 🐉 KAIDO 🐉?! Win or lose? All star tower defense /astd 🔥 - fantasy-defense.com

🔥 Trading my 🐉 KAIDO 🐉?! Win or lose? All star tower defense /astd 🔥

Lackin’ Lotus
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  1. U got 1 wood bender hashirama witch already is a W aqua beyond that dabi matches them both even more i forgot lsst guy name but demon side akira u got the biggest win of your life

  2. Bruh why ppl don't want to offer my huge luffy bruh

  3. that a very huge win you got a water goddeses

  4. Yo! I liked and subbed and nof on. Can I please just my dream unit? User: DisrupterIV

  5. omg, i just have anti-magic, and you have special brolly, aqua, kaido, hashirama omg 😥

  6. ฐิติศักดิ์ สังข์สูงเนิน says:


  7. Massive L Kaido is worth more than 2 hashis lol

  8. L kaido worth 2x grr 3 and some good add
    Hasirama suck

  9. อยากได้บ้างครับ

  10. idk If it w like kaido have 103 level but for me L

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