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💼05 Council💼 Review In Roblox Scp Tower Defense

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Hey everyone in this video i will he showcasing the 05 council in roblox scp tower defense. You get this unit for free when you reach lvl 100, if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe and have a great day!


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  1. Meanwhile me who is just an level 76 with every tower but I don't have 05Me:time to abuse Evo hd on xk mode

  2. Tbh this is maby the most effort i sean so far of someone show casing 05 coucil other just says and shows how he looks some peopel forgot to show it stats great job good content 👍

  3. Shanitixy i been scamd in 'pls doate' now i have 0 robux😭😭

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