1-2 Players

15 Minutes

10 +

Meet the Defenders

A Desperate Age

In a world of magic, evil is on the march. One by one, the Free People of this World have fallen to their onslaught.

Some say this is the end; for your kingdom, it is only the beginning…

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About The Game

Fantasy Defense is a challenging card game that can be played either solo or cooperatively. Manage your limited units to defeat the orcs besieging the seven gates of your city. Each attack you fail to repulse decreases your kingdom’s morale, drawing oblivion a step closer. Secure victory by slaying the invaders before it’s too late. But don’t breathe too easily! With each milestone reached, you’ll unlock hidden game features – powerful units join your cause, devastating foes appear, and special rules twist the challenge in new directions. Do you have what it takes?


Nobody said it would be easy. Each turn, powerful enemies swarm across the city’s defenses – is it better to divide your own units, or concentrate on a single point and hope for the best? Every decision counts as the enemy marches closer.


Everybody needs a helping hand. You’ll begin each game with a few tricks up your sleeve, arcane rituals that twist the battle in your favor. Let them aid you in the darkest moments. Of course, you’ll need to use them at just the right time…


There can be no victory without sacrifice. In Fantasy Defense, the only way to avoid casualties is to let the enemy advance unopposed – protecting your units, but letting the orcs ravage your kingdom. A terrible choice, but desperate times…


With intuitive rules and a playtime of under 15 minutes, Fantasy Defense drops you right in the action. We’ve refined and designed the mechanics to focus on the most interesting choices – without sacrificing theme!


We want Fantasy Defense to look stunning, so we’ve enlisted the best. With art direction by Vincent Dutrait and luscious fantasy illustrations from Yann Tisseron, every card will be a little masterpiece.


Unlock new secrets and push your tactical skills to the limits, as each milestone reveals hidden content and an unfolding fantasy plot worthy of the sagas! But we’ve already said too much…

Fantasy Defense is very fast, very dynamic, very dramatic, but it’s also very puzzle-y… We very much enjoyed it!

Rahdo Runs Through

The aesthetics are fantastic. I love the look of the game – the artwork is incredible

Zee Garcia

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